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We offer a diverse range of products and services catered to both our end consumers who appreciate Pitahaya and producers or aspiring producers. Feel free to explore our offerings, and should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


On our farm, we cultivate more than 20 distinct varieties with meticulous care to offer superior quality and maximum health benefits for your consumption. Explore a selection of Pitahaya options such as white, red, fuchsia, pink, and purple pulp variations, each showcasing the exceptional taste and nutritional advantages that define this extraordinary fruit.


We meticulously choose superior cuttings from the mother plants and subject them to precise agronomic practices. This ensures that both current and prospective growers receive healthy plants with robust root systems, equipping them to yield fruits of exceptional quality.


We specialize in formulating top-tier solutions tailored for soils deficient in nutrients or facing extreme acidity or alkalinity. Our enriched substrate boasts high organic content, optimal porosity, and a comprehensive array of vital nutrients crucial for fostering plant growth and ensuring robust development throughout all growth phases.



We have a team of proficient professionals ready to provide expert guidance for launching your Pitahaya cultivation project. Our consultations combine practical experience from past projects with theoretical knowledge gained through in-depth studies and participation in specialized seminars.

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